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Business Activities at the Fair!
Belgrade Fair has continued with its numerous activities for the purpose of improving its business level and thus promoting the Tourism Fair, as well as other related fairs.
Activities on the B2B Business Portal have continued in cooperation with the business partners of the Tourism Fair, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Enterprise Europe Network, all aimed at registering both exhibitors and business visitors alike, as well as their networking at the fair.
Aside from the portal, a special space has been set aside for the organization of B2B meetings between business visitors and exhibitors, as well as between the exhibitors themselves.
Meetings will be held in a special room in Hall 1:
Thursday, 24 March between 12:00 and 17:00
Friday,     25 March between 10:00 and 17:00
Meeting scheduling data base will be open between 24 February and 22 March 2022 by midnight.
Meetings will be scheduled either between business guests and exhibitors or between exhibitors themselves.
According to application concept, it is not possible to schedule the meetings between business guests themselves.
Belgrade Fair has also enabled special benefits for business guests in form of a ticket over the course of all four fair days, the possibility of entering the Business Longue (hall 1 gallery) - free wi-fi, hot and cold refreshments, a meeting room for short business meetings, the use of computers and printers, ID cards and ID card holders. Click here to find out more
The arrival of customers from the region, Europe and the world has been organized in order to improve Fair’s business activities and connect both supply and demand.
We would kindly ask you to update your business profiles on B2B portal and schedule your meetings with business guests and exhibitors alike.

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